Power Sweep Services, LLC is a Waggaman, Louisiana company providing parking lot sweeping, line striping, and pressure washing, and other exterior pavement-related services.

Since 2005, we have dedicated ourselves to customer service for our Waggaman clients. We have crews working and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well as flexible scheduling options for your specific lot maintenance needs. We offer flexible scheduling options and affordable pricing. We own one of the largest fleets of sweeping trucks in Louisiana, allowing us to efficiently cater to your lot maintenance needs. Waggaman clients rely on our professional sweeping, line striping, and pressure washing services for homeowner’s associations, businesses, shopping centers, parking lots, construction sites and more.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Power Sweep Services’ parking lot sweeping helps maintain cleanliness and professionalism of your parking lot, ensuring a positive first impression for customers and guests visiting your commercial or residential property. Regular parking lot sweeping eliminates dirt and other debris from pavement surfaces, preventing hazardous buildup or the development of potholes.

Line Striping and Parking Lot Marking

Regular line striping maintains safety and proper traffic flow for drivers and pedestrians while decreasing traffic accidents and property liabilities. Power Sweep Services’ ADA compliant parking lot marking services improve the safety and navigability of your property’s parking lot. Our pavement marking services include line striping application and removal, directional arrows, fire lanes, thermoplastic applications, ADA handicap graphics, crosshatching for handicap parking spots, ramp staining, and more.

Pressure Washing

Routine pressure washing of your property increases curb appeal, maintains cleanliness, and eliminates the buildup of mildew, grime, or bacteria. However, incorrect knowledge or usage of a pressure washer could be hazardous for you or your property. Let Power Sweep Services take care of pressure washing your property safely and professionally.

Our company is fully insured and uses the latest model, well-maintained equipment to provide high quality sweeping, line striping, and pressure washing services to our Waggaman clients. Our membership in both the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) and the World Sweeping Organization affirms our dedication to operating at the sweeping industry’s highest ethical standards. Through these organizations, we are provided with the information we need to keep our Waggaman, Louisiana clients updated with the latest tips and techniques in our industry.

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