Power Sweep Services offers a wide range of pressure washing services, including gum and graffiti removal.

We have the equipment and trained professionals to get the job done right, the first time and every time.

To view more information on any of the power washing, pavement cleaning and graffiti removal services we provide, click on any of the links shown below scroll down the page to see them all.

  • Gum Removal, featuring the Dupray Chewing Gum Removal SystemTM
  • Flat and Horizontal Surface Pressure Washing
  • Professional Graffiti Removal

Remember: One of the many value aspects you receive with our skilled team is to develop a long-term relationship with a full-service contractor able to handle most any pavement-based exterior maintenance project.

Gum Removal – Fast and Efficient

Traditional methods of gum removal such as scraping and pressure washing are inefficient, removing only part of the gum, leaving behind pieces and destroying the “cleaned” surface. Our Dupray vapor steam gum removal system is the most cost-effective solution available for gum removal. With it, we are able to quickly remove gum and its residue with an ecological, concentrated detergent.

The combination of steam and detergent disintegrates the gum and the remainder of the residues are vacuumed up instantly. The ability to vacuum up the residues prevents new gum spots being formed by the same piece of gum again.

Advantages when specifying Power Sweep Services for your gum spot removal and other steam cleaning needs:

  • Operate anytime: Ability to operate in the daytime without disturbing the surrounding clientele.
  • Safe on the surface: Where pressure washers require up to 3000psi to remove a piece of gum, steam operates at only 145psi.
  • More efficient: Pressure washers cause water to splash everywhere, making the operator unable to see if he/she has fully removed all of the gum spots. With the Dupray steam cleaner, they are able to clearly see their working area, attaining complete gum removal.
  • Quiet operation: Dupray steam cleaners are fully electric. An enormous advantage is that they don’t require large gas engines to operate like typical pressure washers.
  • Ecologically sound: A standard pressure washer uses between 2-4 gallons of water per minute, or 120-240 gallon/hour. Our Dupray steam gum remover uses under 1 gallon/hour.
  • Complete gum removal: Pressure washers do not actually remove the gum. Rather, they just lift it off the surface and move it somewhere else. This causes the gum residue to reset and you could end up removing one piece multiple times. Dupray’s gum removal equipment extracts the gum as it’s removing it from the surface, completely removing the gum spot.
  • Dupray system ideal for other uses: In addition to gum removal, the Dupray steam cleaning system may be used for window cleaning (with no streaking!), grout cleaning and more.
Retail Storefront Pavement After Power Washing Services

View the video above of our Dupray gum removal system in action. Questions? Let us know.

Flat Surface Pressure Cleaning

In addition, we offer complete hot or cold water power washing services. No matter how dirty the surface is that you need to be cleaned, our top-of-the-line equipment and well-trained employees will provide you with a best possible outcome.

Our Advantages Include:

  • Faster cleaning: We have dedicated flat surface cleaning systems. These attachments allow one-person operation and clean surfaces like sidewalks up to 40% faster.
  • Safe on the surface: Our spinner attachment allows psi to be set at the level needed for virtually any surface, including wooden decking, pavers, concrete and asphalt. Get fast cleaning without tearing up your surface.
  • More efficient: Because we have equipment made for flat surface cleaning, the operation is faster and provides a better finish. No streaking like with spray wands.
  • Anytime operation: Unlike with conventional pressure washers, our flat surface cleaners may typically be operated safely during the day with pedestrians in the area. Spray skirts keep sidespray from occurring.
  • Hot or Cold water cleaning: We offer both hot and cold water cleaning, as needed or specified.
Power Washing Services on Parking Lot Pavement
Power Washing Services on Pavement

Professional Graffiti Removal

Power Washing Brick Wall

As is the case with dumping, graffiti attracts more graffiti. When your buildings or other areas get ‘tagged,’ be sure to remove it as soon as possible. As a part of all of our ongoing sweeping programs, our sweeper operators are trained to take a photo of any graffiti we spot and we’ll get them to you within 24 hours, usually within hours.

However, because most sweeping is done during hours of darkness, chances are one of your employees will be the first to spot it. After you make the call to report the tag to police, make your next call to Power Sweep Services. We’ll get onsite as quickly as possible to remove the graffiti in the best, most environmentally-friendly manner possible.